01 Professional tuning

for E/F/G series BMW's

  • Professional BMW E/F/G Series Mobile and Remote Tuning and Programming STAGE 1/2/3
  • DME and DDE Programming
  • Individual programming ST 1/ST 1+ ST 2/ST 2+
Before BMW #3

02 Software Updates

for bmw's

  • Engine software update
  • Gearbox software update
  • Fuel pump software update
  • Steering software update
  • Chassis software update
  • Traction control software update
  • Adaptive suspension software update
  • Xdrive software update

03 gearbox tuning

the BMW ZF gearboxes

  • Unlocks automatic gearboxes, allowing for faster shift times, more power & better response. We offer three stages of tune, all set up slightly differently to suit different styles of driving.
  • Available on F and G series.

04 Coding season

for all BMW models

  • Seat belt beeps off
  • Stop Start memory
  • Door led on reverse
  • Rear DLR lights on reverse
  • Digital Speedo
  • M performance iDrive boot screen
  • Red sport displays
  • Alarm Beep
  • DVD in motion

05 Apple Car Play

for iDrive 5, iDrive 6, MGU iDrive 7