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Mirror dashcam with rear view camera

£149.99 £79.99

The industry-leading 8339IC and SC2363s sensors. With Anti-glare and WDR technology, it handles exposure and low light very well, giving you the best image.

High-Quality Dual Lens 1080P ultra-clear front Camera and 720P Rear Camera. The backup camera presents a clear image of vehicles and objects behind you when driving.

LDWS & FCW & Motion Detection It will deliver an audible alarm to alert you when your car is off track or veering into the adjacent lane. Front car warning function for safer driving.Turns on a motion detection mode, which automatically detects and records people or objects moving within several meters.

Loop Recording & Parking monitoring automatically overwrite old videos to avoid frequent memory card changes. When the driving recorder detects a sudden vibration/collision, it will automatically record and lock the video of the accident (locked files will not be overwritten)

24h Parking Protection: After parking, connect the recorder to the car battery using a hard-wired kit and the dash cam will enter parking mode. It will automatically record moving objects near the car. Perfect for insurance/vandalism claims.

It is very easy to install the mirror dash camera. The camera’s mirror body attaches to your car’s rearview mirror with straps that are provided in the package.

Package includes:

  •  Mirror Dash Cam
  •  Rear Camera
  •  Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  •  USB Charging Cable
  •  User Manual
  •  Installation Tools





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