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Falcon Display 10.25 for BMW 3 Series 


This unit will fit BMW 3 Series F30 and F31 (2011-2019). Will fit Right hand drive and Left-hand drive.


  • Newest Android 10.0 system with 8 core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor MSM8953, 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM.
  • 1280 x 720 pixels (720p)
  • 10.25 inch HD IPS touchscreen Android car stereo.
  • Micro-Sim card slot.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty by standard
  • This unit is plug and play and does not require any coding.

Retain all original car features such as BMW iDrive system, car radio, DVD, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls, etc.
Multi-Touch Screen Display gives you the same advantages as your smartphone.
You can operate an Android unit with your iDrive as you would with your original BMW screen.

Bayern mods Android for bmw
All the apps can be downloaded from the internet or Play Market and will function as an Android tablet.

android for bmw Bayern mods bmods

All downloaded apps will be available on the menu screen.

Android 10 for BMW bayern mods bmods

Android 10.0 supports multitasking-split screen mode with running two apps side by side.
You can run any navigation maps of your choice such as google maps, Waze, etc and watch movies through Netflix, youtube, etc. or play any music app at the same time.

android 10 for bmw bayern mods bmods

If you don’t have an internet connection alternatively you can plug your USB memory stick with movies or music into the USB port which is also provided in the package for you.

android 10 for bmw bayern mods bmods

There are loads of different settings available for your android if you wish to plug your aftermarket subwoofer with an amplifier or wish to add TV to the headrests and many more.
To get into the advanced Factory settings you have to enter the pin which is: 1314.

android 10 for bmw bayern mods bmods

The GPS antenna is included in the package for you so you can use Offline maps if you have no access to the internet connection.

android 10 for bmw bayern mods bmods




Not convinced yet? Then read along!

WiFi: The screen has a WiFi receiver built-in. Connect your phone’s hotspot or simply insert a 4g Simcard to surf the internet, watch YouTube, Netflix, or any other video streaming app along with Waze, google maps, Sygic, and other navigation apps.

Bluetooth: The screen has built-in Bluetooth. You can connect your phone and listen to music via Bluetooth. The CANBUS connection allows you to change songs with your steering wheel buttons. You can also call someone via number entry, call someone from your phone’s contacts, or receive a call. The system has a built-in microphone, which works well.

Free Offline Navigation: You can download free offline maps so a WiFi connection is no longer necessary. Navigation works from door to door, including minor roads. In addition, the navigation software picks up all current traffic information such as delays via radio signal! Built-in speed trap warnings. Or ask us before sending out the unit to download it for you free of charge!

Carplay or Android Auto:  Our screen comes with the screen mirroring function: stream your phone’s screen to the navigation screen. If you want to use Apple Carplay or Android Auto, we offer a module for them that you can buy. Wireless and Wired are available.

OEM integration: The screen works with CANBUS. This allows you to operate the screen with your original steering wheel buttons. If you currently have an original navigation system, you can operate our system with your original iDrive controller.

Reversing camera: There is a possibility to connect a reversing camera. The screen automatically shows the camera image when you put the car in reverse. The original parking sensors are also displayed on our screen. If your car is equipped with the reverse camera already then you can use it together with our System and you don’t need to buy ours.

CANBUS: The system works with the original CANBUS signals from your car. This allows you to see on our screen which doors are open, whether your car is on the handbrake, how many liters of fuel is left in the car, the outside temperature, whether the seat belts are buckled, etc! The screen also shows the number of revolutions (RPM) and the speed of the car.

Dashcam:  You can connect a dashcam to our screen. You can view and save the video images with our screen with a proper app installed. A dashcam can be bought here

DAB +: We offer the possibility to connect a DAB + Antenna. DAB + is digital radio, this gives you access to more radio stations than FM.

USB:  You get 2 additional USB ports that come with every android unit. This allows you to charge your phone, you can also use the port to play music from a USB or even watch photos, videos, and movies

TPMS Tire Sensors: You can buy Wifi tire sensors, these measures the tire pressure. The screen supports this, so you can see the number of bar or PSI in your tires via our screen.

DSP Amplifier: All our systems come with a built-in amplifier so that our systems deliver perfect sound.

OBD2 Connection: You can also connect to our OBD2 wifi module, read all data from your car, and clear error codes and much more!

Screens for the passengers: Our screen has 2 AV out plugs. This allows you to add screens on the headrest, so your passengers can enjoy the movies as well.

Compatible with many file formats: Via USB or Micro SD cards you can transfer files to the system for viewing, or stream directly from the USB or Micro SD card. The screen supports DVD, DVD-R, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DivX, MP4, MP3 etc. When you watch a video, the screen saves where you left off with playback so that you return can see where you left off.



Do you want to have the system installed by Bayern Mods? This is possible in Kent (UK), Derby (UK), Helsingborg (SWE)

Please contact us before or after placing an order so we can book in for the installation

Installation takes approximately 1h or 1h30min with reverse camera

Prices in the UK:

£90 for display

£120 for display+reverse cam

£150 for display+reverse cam+extra


Prices in SWEDEN:

1500 SEK for display

1800 SEK for display+reverse cam

2000 SEK for display+revercam+extra



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